Whitelabel Android LIVE TV ApplicationEasy Admin panel Managment

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FeaturesThe featurers of IPTV Admin

Easy Admin Panel

Advanced Web Admin Panel Management,Add Live TV Channels
Add Movies,Subcategories support.

Channels Import

You can import m3u8 or m3u channels list
Auto scan for channels logos .example you add CNN. the panel search for CNN.png icon to add it automaticaly as logo

Reseller Managment

Our system support Re seller,You can add resellers with credits for application activations

Advanced Protection

Custom device ID Activation.Auto suspend user when end date for activation expire

Zero cost Investment

You not need a server,The Admin Panel is installed in our cloud system

Multi Android Device Support

Our system support all kind of android devices with software from 4.0 to 8

Product knowlage

Important information.Our system is Android IPTV Application.We are not selling or providing channels content or iptv channels.

This is not also trans-coding panel.but it is just Android application with Admin Panel control.where administrators add content,channels,movies,videos etc.and Stream to any user via white label app.

How to get it

Before you get the app developed.First need to make order at SHOP Page

After order.we need some hours the payment to be verified by payment provider.

After payment is verified we wait from you to send us to mail the application name and logo.Without app name and logo we can`t create the application.

Remember this is not a automatic process.each app is created manually.

Product license

All applications panels are installed in our servers, you don`t need to buy a server.

We disable each app if the payment was not made on time.After 1 month expire we delete it from our servers.

More than 1000 user use IPTV-Admin Application

Easy IPTV Distribution Service

1200 Active IPTV Providers
25 Lifetime Licence Users
560000 Active Clients by Providers

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